Scotland’s Night Sky Scotland’s Night Sky Talks

Scotland’s Night Sky

Thu 4 Jul 7.30pm | £12

This presentation will showcase all celestial events that can be seen from Scotland and most of the UK. Learn how the night sky works and what seasons the night sky goes through. Will showcase how to predict events such as the Northern Lights and also how to capture all aspects of the night sky through astrophotography. See amazing low light footage of what the night sky looks like with the naked eye. Learn all about the Milky Way, Moon, Meteor Showers, Noctilucent Clouds, Lunar Eclipses, Planets, International Space Station flyovers and also see live footage of the Northern Lights from personal trips to Arctic Norway and Iceland.

Andrew Allan is a Self Taught Astrophotographer who has a passion for the stars. He loves to travel all around Scotland in the hope to capture the beauty of Scotland’s world famous night sky.

His main goal is to encourage more and more people to look up and enjoy the wonders of the night sky and he does this by showcasing his work on social media, holding workshops and talking to astronomy and photography groups.

On the ‘Scotland’s Nightsky’ Facebook page, he updates everyone on all celestial events that can be seen over Scotland, including Meteor Showers, ISS Transits, Moonrises and Northern Lights forecasts.

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