Do I Love You? Do I Love You? Theatre

Do I Love You? sold out

Sat 30 Sep 7.30pm | £15 | £10


By John Godber

This hilarious new dance fuelled comedy follows burger bar employees, Natalie and Kyle, as they fall in love with Northern Soul. Trouble is Natalie and Kyle are not that soulful!

But long after a weekender in Skegness our star-crossed lovers can’t wait for the next all nighter in Blackpool. Out on the floor they are in a world of their own, far away from egg muffins and deep fried chicken. But as the north levels up Natalie and Kyle’s life takes a downturn, and they find themselves steered by music which was a failure the first time round, where has it come from and what does it mean?

It’s all about living for now, as Nat and Kyle realise that Time Will Pass You By! So spread the talc and polish your brogues, we are staying up all weekend!

Multi award winning playwright John Godber has been a fan of Northern Soul since 1972. Here the author of the iconic BOUNCERS helps keep the faith with a nod to Frank Wilson!

Do I love you; indeed I do!

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