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Divine Light Exhibition

Tue 2 Jul 5.00pm | FREE Entry

Tuesday 02 July to Friday 26 July

Preview: Tuesday 02 July | 5.00pm

Divine Light’ is an exploration of the quality of light and form inside the many wonderful churches local to the Pocklington area – from the uplifting grandeur of York Minster, to the modest plasterwork of the humblest of parish churches. I’ve long been fascinated with the softness and colour of light through stained glass, and by the textures revealed in the old stonework and carved wood, in the fixtures and fittings. ‘Divine Light’ is a celebration of these magnificent buildings and a testament to the skill that has gone into making and preserving them over the centuries.

Neil Barrett is a relative newcomer to photography, having first picked up a camera when a long illness had forced him into early retirement from a career in the IT industry fifteen years ago. Photography helped to get him back on his feet and back out into the countryside; and gave him a perfect excuse to hang around interesting places and watch interesting people!

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