Brainfools x Pocklington Workshops: Circus Theatre Brainfools x Pocklington Workshops: Circus Theatre Workshops

Brainfools x Pocklington Workshops: Circus Theatre

Fri 26 Jul 1.00pm | £20

1:00pm – 2:45pm (including a 15 min break)

Ages: 5 – 18

We will play games to generate stories using the circus disciplines we have taught in our other workshops or any other skills participants bring in. Using the techniques we used to develop our show Lucky Pigeons we will get to creating monsters as groups of acrobats. We will create circus movement inspired by the world and objects around us and we will end by creating a short little physical story as a group.

Please note, all sessions include entrance to Burnby Hall Garden for one adult and young person attending the session.

All of our sessions will be accessible and inclusive but those with more complex needs (and with a support worker / carer in attendance) may prefer to attend our Relaxed Session at 3pm on Thursday 25th July.

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