Baby Bushka Baby Bushka Music

Baby Bushka

Thu 3 Oct 8.00pm | £22

The music and magic of Kate Bush reaches far and wide across the seas and skies to San Diego, California, where eight women gather to create the “wonderfully bewitching” Baby Bushka.

With great respect and wide eyes, this powerhouse troupe delivers “other-worldly versions” of your favourite songs “from the ethereal to the bombastic and back again”.

Filled with four-part harmonies and epic choreographed dancing, Baby Bushka captures the wonder of Baroque Pop and beauty of 80s glam in to a night of virtuoso musical creativity you have to experience to believe.

The band consists of some of the city’s finest musicians, Natasha Kozaily, Lexi Pulido, Nancy Ross, Leah Bowden, Batya Mac Adam-Somerm, Marie Haddad, Heather Nation and Melanie Medina.

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