Midsummer Mandalas Midsummer Mandalas Workshops

Midsummer Mandalas

Sat 22 Jun 10.30am | £20

Midsummer Mandalas is the first of our Arts and Crafts for Wellbeing workshops. Come and join us in this fun and relaxing session that will nurture your mind and creativity, producing your own beautiful mandala using flower petals. 

A mandala is an arrangement of concentric circles containing layers of geometric patterns and is revered in many spiritual traditions as an aid to meditation and a symbol of self discovery.

In this session we will be creating a simplified version using natural materials. We will start with a short guided meditation focusing on being kind to ourselves, then we will explore basic mandala patterns, before going on to create your own flower petal mandala.  

This journey of artistic exploration will focus on techniques that promote relaxation, kindness, mindfulness, and personal expression, guided by our experienced facilitators who are passionate about encouraging creativity and mental well being.

Tea & coffee included.

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